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Random Topic of the Week (15 May 2016)

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 9:40 am
by HyruleBalverine
The multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of finite and infinite possible universes, including the universe in which we live. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. There are several different theories of how a multiverse might work, my personal favorite being Hugh Everett's many-worlds interpretation (MWI).

In brief, one aspect of quantum mechanics is that certain observations cannot be predicted absolutely. Instead, there is a range of possible observations, each with a different probability. According to the MWI, each of these possible observations corresponds to a different universe. Suppose a six-sided die is thrown and that the result of the throw corresponds to a quantum mechanics observable. All six possible ways the die can fall correspond to six different universes. Or, basically, for every possible choice or outcome, a split occurs in reality and each different outcome happens, one in each reality.

Some of you may remember the TV show Sliders, which explored this idea by having the main characters travel to many different alternate versions of Earth, always within the same area of California. There are even variations of this meme floating around:

Which brings me to the topic that I'd like to discuss this week. Assuming that the multiverse is real, imagine that 1) All of the fictional realities from TV, Movies, Comics, Books, etc., were actually real alternate realities; and 2) You had the ability to travel to any of these. Which reality or realities would you choose to visit and why?

The irony is that while I was fleshing out how to present this, DC Universe was released on Xbox One, which actually fits what I had intended to present as my thought. I would love to travel to at least one of the Super Hero universes and learn from those heroes and then visit other realities to learn other abilities. Imagine being trained by the Batman and Captain America, getting tech from Tony Stark, learning magic from Hogwarts, and gaining whatever super power you want by recreating how someone else got theirs. You could come back to this, or any other reality, and be the ultimate hero (or, villain, I suppose).