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Day 156-67: Vacation

I spent the last week on vacation, somehow keeping my achievement streak alive via my phone. Thanks to Dragon Mania Legends and World at Arms. Little did I know that when I arrived back in town, it would be just as hard to unlock achievements. Especially today. Yesterday I got back on Funk of Titans and got a 100G achievement… Read more →


Day 148-152: Funky

So many days have elapsed since my last blog. Ive been really sucking at this recently… So here are some highlights. I finished Thomas Was Alone… BORING. and ANNOYING. Easy achievements though. That was the only saving grace. Monopoly Plus is completed for the Xbox 360. I had done this before but I think the lists are different. It could… Read more →


Day 145-7: Birthday

Man, I have really been sucking on blogging lately. Ill try and be better as the next week or so should be pretty tame, these last few days have been crazy. Monday I worked and played kickball. We had the early game and by the time I went home and got everything together I basically had to immediately leave for… Read more →


Day 69-70: The Weekend

Didn’t end up blogging yesterday because I don’t know. I got home late, took a shower, and went to bed. Not much to really talk about on Saturday or today. Saturday I played Defense Grid 2 and GTA V. I got an achievement in each, or at least one in each. I think I got a few Defense Grid 2… Read more →


Day 67-8: Slackin’

Yeah I know, I didn’t put out a blog yesterday. It really was thanks to soccer, I was lucky I got food and got into bed before just passing out. I ended up running around 7.05 miles in about 2 hours of play which is pretty mind blowing, thanks Microsoft Band. I got home, showered, ate, crashed. Luckily I played… Read more →


Day 66: Defense Grid 2

When I got home, the weather was looking bad so I wasn’t planning on doing anything active today. I got pretty lazy and just started watching DareDevil. It didn’t help that DareDevil was getting good. So I stopped watching and made some dinner, lettuce wraps was on the menu tonight and they were pretty good. I noticed it was clearing… Read more →


Day 65: Muster

April 21st has been and always will be Aggie Muster. I had to opportunity, now a graduated Aggie, to attend the Capital City Aggie Club Muster at Hyde Park Baptist Church. It is a time honored tradition to come together once a year to honor, celebrate, grieve those Aggies that have been taken away from us this year. It was… Read more →


Day 64: Game #5

After work I had limited time to play games so I didn’t waste any time. I jumped right on Spongebob Heropants and got my last golden collectible for the 50G achievement that it was worth. I was able to get a few more levels knocked out and I have one page left for another 10 point achievement. The nice thing… Read more →


Day 63: Cleaning Up

After the normal Sunday routine, I went to the store and then went out and tested what tracking capabilities the Microsoft Band had. I took a soccer ball out to a field and just kicked it around killing two birds with one stone. Ended up kicking the ball around for about 45 minutes, using trees as target practice. It was… Read more →


Day 62: Microsoft Band

I got up for football today, just like most Saturday mornings. Some how it wasn’t raining, so football should be in play. I got there and only one other person ended up being there. We waited for awhile for people to show up, but only a few more came. We didn’t have flags and didn’t have enough people, so we… Read more →