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Day 126: Expert Lumberjack

I dont want to jinx it, but it really feels that I have returned to form when it comes to gamerscore, albeit probably temporarily as the weather has prevented me from doing a lot of the things I do during the week, but I have been doing well over the past few days. As projected yesterday, today was the final… Read more →


Day 125: Pursuit of Progress

I have to say, the weather in Texas right now, well just Austin maybe has been super weird. Tropical Storm Bill roared like a lion, but ended up being a house cat. It claimed it was going to just rain and rain and rain but it really didn’t start raining until 11 pm. Which is pretty lame. Same thing goes… Read more →


Day 124: Where’s The Rain?

About half way through the day, it started raining, and raining, and raining. Tropical Storm Bill’s first parts were being seen in Austin. I was in North Central Austin at the time for lunch as the parking lot started to flood. I told everyone we needed to leave and got back to the office just in time to be told… Read more →


Day 120-22: Why Am I Not Farming?

I might be the only person right now that wants to play Farming Simulator 15 right now, and USPS/Gamefly is preventing me from doing that. Its been 11 days since they have shipped it. I think that is a reasonable amount of time to expect a game to arrive from Kansas City…. I could drive there in like 10 hours.… Read more →


Day 118-19: No Farming Yet

Its been 8 days since Gamefly has said they shipped Farming Simulator 15 to me, and still no sign of this game. I’m starting to wonder if its even going to come at this point, maybe its lost in the mail? After work and soccer, I got that disappointment when I checked the mail and there was no Gamefly envelope… Read more →


Day 117: Distractions

There are some many “distractions” now a days for me that I can’t seem to just find a day to come home from work and play video games until bed. Today’s distraction was golf. I had gotten some clubs from my parents as I think it would be a good idea for me to start trying to play golf again.… Read more →


Day 116: Live!

After getting home, prepping for my workout while trying to find a stream of the USWNT group stage game one. After working out and watching the first half of the game, I ran to the local sports store to pick up some golf supplies, yes, I play golf. Well, I did, but I’m interested in getting back into it. I’ll… Read more →