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Day 35: Time To Move On

Its finally time to move on from Screamride. I wish I could have gotten a few more achievements, but I met my own quota today which I am happy with. I started with the 50,000 scenery achievement, got that a lot quicker than I was expecting. Next I went to try and get the 2.5 million achievement in the last… Read more →


Day 34: Retry Level

Today was all about Screamride. I mentioned in my blog earlier today for yesterday that my goal was to complete the story mode of Screamride and start on the cleanup. The hardest levels in the game are the coaster levels, the one where you ride the coaster and try to complete the level while doing the bonus objectives and most… Read more →


Day 33: Sleepy

A little late on the blog today, well, for yesterday. Better late than never I always say. Not too much to report about, but still some thing worth noting. The only real gaming I did was on the phone, Age of Empires Castle Siege. Surprise, surprise I know, but I actually got some achievements in the game yesterday! Yeah ,… Read more →


Day 32: La Decima

You see, I recognize La Decima, but its not a good thing. La Decima is refered to as Real Madrid’s 10th Europe Cup (Champions League). So when I got “La Decima” in Screamride today, I was caught of guard. Turns out in Screamride that La Decima is getting 10 perfect boosts in a row. Not bad. I got two more… Read more →


Day 30: Level 3 Complete

Had to go to the dentist. So work was cut a bit short today. Luckily after years of not going to the dentist, I almost got a clean bill of health. I have to go back and get some minor clean up done, and maybe get some wisdom teeth removed (I never have had any removed and I have 2).… Read more →

Barcelona's Messi celebrates after scoring a goal against APOEL Nicosia during their Champions League Group F soccer match in Nicosia

Day 29: MVP

After work I did my normal thing. Got home, and started gaming. I am still on level 3 I think in Screamride but I made it to the ride building stage. Not too much to report on the game, I really didn’t have too much time to play. I think I have one more level left on level 3 before… Read more →


Day 28: We All Scream For Screamride

After the usual Sunday routine I finally was able to get out onto the courts and play some tennis with the new rackets I bought on www.tennisracquets.com/collections/squash-racquets. After tennis and lunch, instead of brewing beer today we worked on some soda. We got 3 2 liters going, one root beer, one strawberry lime, and a cold carbonated coffee. Hopefully they… Read more →


Day 27: Trial Over

After playing football, running errands, and practicing some kickball, I finally got time to play some games. I started with Battlefield Hardline trial. I played the prologue and the first level. I would have played more but they only let you play the first two levels in the trial which I have to say, caught me off guard. I think… Read more →


Day 26: Builder Extraordinaire

Another day, another day with Screamride. This time I got to try my hand at roller coaster building, the third and final mode this game has to offer. I think this mode is probably going to be the easiest out of all of them, but its also going to be the most frustrating. There are a few bonus challenges that… Read more →


Day 25: Demolition Expert

When I got home from work I hopped right on Screamride and onto the second phase of the first “world”? I don’t really know what you call it, so yeah. Anyways, this time I went with Demolition. So this is the Angry Birds type of levels where you try to score the most points by destroying buildings, billboards, and hoops.… Read more →