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Day 39: Streak Continues

After work I got home and decided to get on GTA Online. I am glad I did because there is a ridiculous amount of compatibility packs and add-ons you have to download before you can start playing. So while those downloaded I decided to play some Rayman Legends while I waited. Only got two levels completed, no achievements, not too… Read more →

Day 38: Unmotivated

After work and the store, I got home and booted up my… phone, as well as my Xbox. Age of Empires Castle Siege has some sort of hold on me and Rayman Legends just… doesn’t… I should have seen this coming, Rayman Legends is a platformer and platformers just don’t really do it for me. I did happen to play… Read more →


Day 36: Rayman

So today was my follow up on my dentist appointment from last week. I knew ahead of time that this was a “deep cleaning” meaning everything was going to be numb. I was a bit worried that the “numbing” would have an adverse affect on my kickball performance. I was told that it wouldn’t and sure enough they were right.… Read more →