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Day 81-3: Loss of Wisdom

Thursday was my wisdom teeth removal day. I had two to get removed and I am happy to report the removal went well. I had been told a lot of things about getting wisdom teeth removed, the horror stories behind the removal always seemed to stand out. I just hoped that I wasn’t one of those cases. I rested the… Read more →


Day 80: Man Down

After I got home, a little late from work I might add, I played some State of Decay and managed to lose a survivor in the process, a playable one at that… Which is really lame, now I am actually down to one playable survivor, and he is injured. I got a few achievements in the game today, actually a… Read more →


Day 73-77: Live In The Fast Lane

Insert whatever song/life gets in the way song you want to for today’s blog. As Rick Nasty said, I was definitely slacking. Here is the recap. Wednesday was game night, but this time it went wayyyyy too late. I didn’t get home till around midnight and wanted to do nothing else but go to bed. Thursday was soccer and I… Read more →


Day 71: Playoffs?

After work I got home and got to gaming. I only had dinner to make, and with kickball canceled, I could focus on gaming. For some reason I was lead to play NBA Live 15 and played it all night I did. I was able to complete about 4 games, and now have my rising star in a great position… Read more →


Day 62: Microsoft Band

I got up for football today, just like most Saturday mornings. Some how it wasn’t raining, so football should be in play. I got there and only one other person ended up being there. We waited for awhile for people to show up, but only a few more came. We didn’t have flags and didn’t have enough people, so we… Read more →


Day 58: Singleplayer Co-Op

After work, I started playing Spongebob Heropants and knocked out a few more levels. I should have gotten to this earlier, but I came across a door that I needed a different character for and got my second controller out and got a few missing pages with the second controller. They make it easy for one person to have two… Read more →


Day 57: MVP x2

After work I had a few hours before kickball started so I got right on Spongebob and played 3 levels I think. No achievements to report back about, so it looks like a pretty dry day today. I couldn’t take anymore Spongebob so I decided to switch to NBA Live 2015 and played one game, winning again and being a… Read more →


Day 56: Busy Day

From 8 am to 6 pm I was out and about doing things that are not closely related to video games. When I got home I needed to make food for the week, and dinner, so I did that until about 8 pm. After eating the last thing I wanted to do was play Spongebob Heropants. So I played NBA… Read more →


Day 42: Part Duex

Sick in bed for a good part of the morning. I think it was almost noon before I rolled out of bed. After breakfast I turned on the Xbox One and started playing… NBA Live 15. Played a few games of Rising Star mode and got my first “100” rating in a game which was cool. I think I got… Read more →