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Chelsea v Paris St Germain - UEFA Champions League Second Round Second Leg

Day 24: Age of PSG?

Well lets hope not, this is Barcelona’s year, but holy crap what an amazing game. Now full disclosure, I am talking about soccer (football), and I didn’t watch any of the game, but followed it until I saw the penalty. Then  I knew it was over. I checked it later and sure enough PSG found an equalizer while playing most… Read more →


Day 17: The Big One

Thats what she said. So I got home and was determined to finally finish the story in GTA V. I only had about an hour of gaming, so I quickly booted up GTA V and got going on the biggest heist of the game. Right before I had to leave for gamenight, I finished the mission, and to my dismay,… Read more →


Day 10: Money Maker

Got home from work and got right on to Grand Theft Auto. It went pretty well today and I profited 40 GS from GTA 5 in total. I did two heists which netted me the 20G a piece. The first one was pretty interesting. Got to sink a boat and go get this experimental tech which was evidently worth 20… Read more →


Day 7: Glitched Up

Still feeling a bit ill so I got up later than I normally do on Sunday. When I got home I was ready to play, and Costume Quest 2 was in the cards. I had learned what I needed to do to continue to the story so I was able to hit the ground running today. I was right about… Read more →


Investing in stocks

The easiest way to start investing in stocks, and the most common, is to buy a mutual fund. While not a pure investment, a mutual fund is a collection of stocks. Most mutual funds come in a variety of flavors, but there are two main types, index funds and actively-managed funds. Stocks are a widely held investment. Investors are most… Read more →


Day 3: Fanboat Fun….

Another day, another day of Duck Dynasty… I have to say I am starting to tire of the same old crap that this game gives out. The hunting part isn’t really all that bad which isn’t surprising being that the developer has done a ton of Cabelas games in the past. The worst part of the game has to be… Read more →


Day 2: Louisiana Drift

Didn’t have a lot of time to play today. There was an impromptu birthday celebration for a co-worker that I went to which cut into my gaming time by a few hours. I still got a chance to play a bit of Duck Dynasty before calling it a day. When I got back home, I quickly found out that Xbox… Read more →


Day 1: Ducks Beware

Hello all, First off, how does the new site look? The site largely hasn’t changed in over two years, so I figured it was time. I also wanted to start my blog back up again, so I figured both of those went together. I’m not a huge UI person, but I think the site at least looks a lot better… Read more →