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Day 51: Back In The Groove

After work I got on the 360 and played Forza Horizon 2: Fast and Furious. I got about 200 GS in it today, and hopefully tomorrow or Thursday I’ll have it completed. I should have had it done today, but had some other things I needed to do today. For some reason the game is still harder on the 360… Read more →


Day 37: Football

After work I went and played football for a few hours. Football is a good workout, and by the time I got home it was pretty late and I was tired. So I only played Windows Phone games today. Make it Rain made an appearance again today, after a week or so off. I generated some money by actually “making… Read more →


Day 25: Demolition Expert

When I got home from work I hopped right on Screamride and onto the second phase of the first “world”? I don’t really know what you call it, so yeah. Anyways, this time I went with Demolition. So this is the Angry Birds type of levels where you try to score the most points by destroying buildings, billboards, and hoops.… Read more →

Chelsea v Paris St Germain - UEFA Champions League Second Round Second Leg

Day 24: Age of PSG?

Well lets hope not, this is Barcelona’s year, but holy crap what an amazing game. Now full disclosure, I am talking about soccer (football), and I didn’t watch any of the game, but followed it until I saw the penalty. Then  I knew it was over. I checked it later and sure enough PSG found an equalizer while playing most… Read more →


Day 21: Vanilla Porter

Sunday is normally brew day, after church of course. We try to brew almost every other weekend. Today’s brew is a Vanilla Porter. We have done quite a few brews over the last few months since I met my fellow brew buddies from work. Currently we have a blonde, pale ale, dunkel, oatmeal stout, hefeweizen, spiced festale, and a few… Read more →


Day 20: A Lot of Cheddar

Today I got up and went to play football in the morning. After flag football, I got ready to go to a pizza and brewpub and hung out there for a couple hours. Afterwords I knew that I had to power through and play games instead of taking a nap. I got an achievement in GTA V for spending over… Read more →


Day 19: 404 Games Not Found

I happened to fall asleep while writing my blog last night. So below is what I had, plus some. You see, if you followed my daily blog on TA when I did it, I blogged for a while. Like a long time. And there would be times that I didn’t play a game the whole day, but I’d still feel… Read more →


Day 17: The Big One

Thats what she said. So I got home and was determined to finally finish the story in GTA V. I only had about an hour of gaming, so I quickly booted up GTA V and got going on the biggest heist of the game. Right before I had to leave for gamenight, I finished the mission, and to my dismay,… Read more →


Day 16: Casing The Final Job

Things I swear are finally coming to a close with the story for GTA V. Which is good, because I am ready to move on. So hopefully I wont be blogging about GTA not too much in the future. So first off, Eric bailed on me today, so thanks for that. We were supposed to play DOA yesterday, and then… Read more →