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Day 168-9: Close Call

There have been plenty of close calls in the last two days… So lets start in order with Monday. So I didn’t have that much time to play games, but I got an achievement to keep the streak alive in Funk of Titans. Then it was time for workout then kickball.. Wow, we are terrible at kickball, it is always… Read more →


Day 134-8: Morale Victory?

Is there such a thing as a morale victory? If you didn’t think so, you would probably claim a loss is a loss is a loss. If you did think so, you’d probably say something like yeah its a loss, but if you lost by 1 run thats better than losing by 10, or if you played well and hung… Read more →


Day 78: A Better State

We had an early kickball game today so when I got home late from work I just got ready for kickball and left. After a week off thanks to rain, we were back on the field with a few changes to our defensive positions. All in all I think the changes were for the better. With some of the major… Read more →


Day 64: Game #5

After work I had limited time to play games so I didn’t waste any time. I jumped right on Spongebob Heropants and got my last golden collectible for the 50G achievement that it was worth. I was able to get a few more levels knocked out and I have one page left for another 10 point achievement. The nice thing… Read more →

Barcelona's Messi celebrates after scoring a goal against APOEL Nicosia during their Champions League Group F soccer match in Nicosia

Day 29: MVP

After work I did my normal thing. Got home, and started gaming. I am still on level 3 I think in Screamride but I made it to the ride building stage. Not too much to report on the game, I really didn’t have too much time to play. I think I have one more level left on level 3 before… Read more →