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Day 118-19: No Farming Yet

Its been 8 days since Gamefly has said they shipped Farming Simulator 15 to me, and still no sign of this game. I’m starting to wonder if its even going to come at this point, maybe its lost in the mail? After work and soccer, I got that disappointment when I checked the mail and there was no Gamefly envelope… Read more →


Day 116: Live!

After getting home, prepping for my workout while trying to find a stream of the USWNT group stage game one. After working out and watching the first half of the game, I ran to the local sports store to pick up some golf supplies, yes, I play golf. Well, I did, but I’m interested in getting back into it. I’ll… Read more →


Day 112-115: Pleasantly Surprised

Its been awhile internet, and if you follow my blog regularly, it won’t really be surprised that I took Friday and Saturday off from writing a blog. I write to you now, on Sunday, with a recap of the weekend that was. Friday got off work, hung out with some friends until basically 1 am Saturday morning. Really didn’t get… Read more →