About Us

Welcome to the Achievement Hounds Podcast!

Started in 2010, moroniccow, EliteEdawg420, and Raviolicaponi host a weekly podcast based on achievements. Our goal is to point out easy gamerscore games and help you along the way with tips and tricks to maximize your time on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

In our weekly podcast we have 5 different sections to our show. We first start out by talking about what we have been playing in the past week. Normally there are some tips or words of warning depending on what we have played. Next is the new game releases. We go through the achievement list for you and hopefully point out weekly games to help you get your gamerscore up. Game of the Week is the third section of the show and each week we highlight a game that at least one of us have 1ked. We go into detail on what you need to do to complete the game, making your time playing the game as easy as possible. Viral Games and Tournament updates is next in our show. We use this section to update our listeners on viral games (located in our forums) and any gamerscore tournaments we are competing in or following. The last section of the show is dedicated to you, the listener. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments this is where you can get your voice heard. You can call us, email us, private message us, or post in our forums and we will read/play your question/comment on the show and talk about it. We love hearing from our listeners, so make sure to take advantage of this!

I want to highlight Viral Games as well. It is a service we offer to our community to distribute easy 1ks through our community. We have a lot of games running through our community and you can get in on the action. Just register for our forums and sign up for any game you want in the Viral Games post. We will need your address, so private message that to us. Once you get a game and complete it. Let us know and we will send you the address for the next person in line. It is that simple!

There is so much more in our forums that you just have to try it out and experience it for yourself. We have a book club, achievement points, game trading, and tons of contests. So get in there and check it out!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy our show and get involved with our great community. Enjoy and Game On!

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