Day 175-6: Blast! Corp

I am a pretty terrible blogger. But anyways, yesterday was a pretty rough day. Work was fine, actually the best part of the day, and the next event kickball… well it didn’t go so well. We had the early game and played a team that had only lost, just like us. I figured this would be the time we win, just this once, first time in 10 games. Well we started well… I mean we scored a run. By inning 3 it was 6-1 not in our favor. I think it ended 7-2 or something of that nature. Just absolutely the worst ever… I hate losing so much, and I can’t believe we are so bad… I mean, so bad. SO BAD.

I got home and things got worse, Xbox Live was down. So that means no Xbox.. Well I took a shower and came back down to Xbox Live being up enough to play a game or two of FIFA 15 until calling it quits.

Tuesday I didn’t have too much time to play either, but I made time for Rare Replay. Wow is there a lot of content and achievements associated with this game. Bad news? Well everything I have looked at so far, there are some long and hard achievements in this group. I started with Blast Corps which was a favorite of mine on the N64. Completely forgot about it until the Rare Replay collection was announced. The game has aged quite a bit… Wow… it was pretty rough, but still fun. I also decided to try out Battletoads. Never played that game I don’t think. Only got through the first level, but I bet this is going to be pretty tough…. We will see how it goes.

That is it for me.


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