Day 170-1: Windows 10 Saga

Yesterday was the official release date of Windows 10. As I mentioned on the show a few days ago, it turns out I had never ran windows update on my Windows 7 machine… Which is pretty bad. I reformatted awhile ago, maybe a few years ago, but I normally dont use my desktop all that much for anything other than recording. So I decided to skip 8 on my desktop and go straight to Windows 10. Since I was trying to catch up on updates, I was having issues getting that windows logo to appear in the bottom right hand corner. So I downloaded the media creation tool and just went for it. It was getting pretty late by this point trying to get it downloaded and installed so I would wake up and restart it or check the status of the computer every so often. Eventually I got to an error message and it rolled back the install and put windows 7 back on the machine. No bueno.

Wednesday as far as gaming was concerned was pretty light, but I did finish Funk of Titans by getting the last 100G I needed for completing the last 3 missions in the game. None of them were very hard or time consuming so I knocked those out before my workout and called it good for GS.

Today is the same story as yesterday, but tweaked just a bit. I didn’t have that much time to play today, mostly because I played golf today. When I got back home and ate, I was pretty tired, and wanted to get Windows 10 installed successfully so I focused on that. The good news was when I turned on my computer today the icon for windows 10 showed up which was good news. I still used the media creation executable to upgrade as the download wasn’t starting fast enough for me. After about an hour of installing windows 10, it finally worked. So I have successfully installed Windows 10 on my desktop. A few of the features I want to try out Xbox streaming, that is pretty high on my list. The UI seems pretty great and fresh, I think I am going to like Windows 10.

As far as games go, I played a bit of Dragon Mania Legends and got 30G today from it. I gave 15 friends stuff and got an achievement for it. Cool.

I played a little FIFA, just for fun, both days and the record is mixed. Some games I won, some games I drew and should have won, and others I lost which is lame. Still a Fun game thats for sure.


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