Day 168-9: Close Call

There have been plenty of close calls in the last two days… So lets start in order with Monday.

So I didn’t have that much time to play games, but I got an achievement to keep the streak alive in Funk of Titans. Then it was time for workout then kickball..

Wow, we are terrible at kickball, it is always something. This time we made a HUGE mistake that led to an avalanche of runs and we ended up losing my that number of runs. Really frustrating and disappointing which makes me question why I even bother in the first place… We haven’t even won a game this season yet.. Well we have 2 more tries to get a win.

Tuesday I dedicated the day that wasn’t already used up by sleep and work to games. No activities after work but games. I started with FIFA and played a few matches against my roomate, won both. Then I loaded up Funk of Titans and got the second and third world done. For some reason I didn’t get the second world achievement right away, it was still saying 86% when I had 45/45 medals in it. Luckily while I was eating and watching Netflix the achievement popped. The third world popped no problem which was surprising. The only thing I have left is the last level of funk, I think. After about 20 tries I finally got 500 meters on the pegasus minigame by a slim margin… 0. Yeah, I got 500 on the nose. The last level up criteria (missions) should be easily boostable and the last 100GS will be mine.

Been playing some Dragon Mania Legends and World At Arms both days. VERY close to the 1000 attacks on World at Arms and just trying to keep the ball rolling on Dragon Mania Legends. Should be able to get Funk of Titans done tomorrow and start on the next game.

That is it for me.


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