Day 154-155: Just Business Things

So Tuesday and Wednesday I was out on business. So gaming was VERY limited. Luckily I was able to keep my achievement streak alive. On Tuesday I had very limited time, but I was able to get an achievement in World At Arms for building 500 infantry. I was only about 9 infantry away and at 10 seconds a pop it didn’t take too long to get there.

Wednesday spent the whole day away and got back home around 7:30pm. I got an achievement in Funk of Titans for completing a certain amount of missions which was unexpected but nice. I am pretty close to a few more achievements, but no need to focus on them as I will surely get them all as I go for the 100% on each world. Very close to getting 100% on the first world. Hopefully I will have some time on Thursday to play, but it doesn’t look good.


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