Day 153: Cleanup Commence

I didn’t have all that much time to play games today, but I managed to get an achievement which keeps my streak alive at 3 days straight of achievements. Whoop. But I guess you gotta start somewhere….

I played Funk of Titans again, I could have easily gotten a 50G achievement, but I decided to wait on that and just start from the beginning and get all the levels 100%ed. I knocked out a few working towards my level 10 missions before calling it quits. Before I did I bought all the weapons I could in the store before running out of cash/vinyls. I have one more weapon left and then I get to buy all the “armor” that doesn’t do anything whatsoever. The achievement I got was for buying stuff from the store, so I stopped there.

Not going to have much time to play the next two days, might be able to squeeze some time in Wednesday if all things go well, but Tuesday will be tough. Will need to rely on the phone to get me something to keep the streak alive… Not much of a streak, but if I can I will.

I hope I can do some damage in Funk of Titans this week, but it doesn’t look good. Next week is very questionable.


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