Day 148-152: Funky

So many days have elapsed since my last blog. Ive been really sucking at this recently… So here are some highlights.

I finished Thomas Was Alone… BORING. and ANNOYING. Easy achievements though. That was the only saving grace.

Monopoly Plus is completed for the Xbox 360. I had done this before but I think the lists are different. It could have all been done in one game, but I didn’t win the first place roll and I didn’t get $100+ worth of cards from Chance/Community Chest. I had gotten plenty of $100 cards, but no achievement. I think it might be accounting for negatives as well as positive. Because on the second match I got two $100 cards and got the achievement. It did take forever to get that last achievement, probably wasted a good hour going after that last achievement.

So thats 2k in the last few days, why stop there? I bought a few games from the Ultimate Game Sale, one of them being Funk of Titans. I wasn’t really expecting a game that was just a sidescroller runner/platformer. The “boss” fights are just quick time events and there are achievements for completing them perfectly. Luckily they were pretty easy. My greatest fear, completing everything 100% is an achievement. You have to collect 100 coins, and rarely is there a buffer, complete it without getting hurt, and collect the pegasus statue. I am not sure if you have to get all of them in one go to count. I’ll probably find that out tomorrow as I am ready to start cleaning up after completing the first pass on all 3 worlds tonight.

And thats about it.


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