Day 145-7: Birthday

Man, I have really been sucking on blogging lately. Ill try and be better as the next week or so should be pretty tame, these last few days have been crazy.

Monday I worked and played kickball. We had the early game and by the time I went home and got everything together I basically had to immediately leave for the game. Another game, another heartbreaker. This time we kept it close, but it hurt worse than any of the other losses we have incurred thus far. We got down 2-0 and couldn’t get anything going offensively like normal. We had a few horrible mistakes that really hurt us and it was frustrating to watch that unfold. But there was a glimmer of hope as I sack flied to score a run and we scored one more to tie the game at 2-2. We batted first and all we had to do was defend get 3 outs and it was a draw, but we couldn’t prevent people from getting on base and had the bases loaded with 0 outs, pretty much a guaranteed win for them if they didn’t do something stupid. They kicked the ball hard and we couldn’t get it home in time. Another loss. I sulked for about an hour, or another game’s worth and scouted our future opponents. I see a win for us in the future, but man are we bad.

Tuesday was a travel day for me as I went to Frisco to go see the US play Honduras in their Gold Cup opener. It was an exciting game and great atmosphere. Really enjoyed my time watching the game and we left with a victory! We play Haiti on Friday @ 7:30 pm and you better believe I’ll be watching that game.

Wednesday, today, is/was my birthday. I slept in after getting home late and exhausted from the game, went to lunch with my family and then got on the road headed back to Austin. I got home after about a 4 hour drive thanks to traffic and other slow downs and worked out then went to kickball practice. I am the event organizer of kickball practice, but somehow someone else canceled it without my knowledge (I was out of the office and don’t get email anymore on my phone) so never got word. Luckily someone texted me about it and I found this out after I had been farting around for 10 minutes waiting for people to come. Also ate really quickly and finished my workout quickly to get to this so its kinda dumb people didn’t show up. I’ll deal with that tomorrow. It wasn’t all a loss as I went home and played Thomas was Alone and finished the last two “stages” or “scenarios” 20 levels worth and got my 100G achievement. I called it good for that day as I went ahead and installed Goat Simulator, Gat out of Hell, and Funk of the Titans which one will I play next? Probably out of those Funk of the Titans. Ill probably play Monopoly Plus on the 360 next though, then followed by Never Alone. Really trying to make a push to get back in the groove with consistent gamerscore each week. There are so many games to play on the One with easy score, I just need to make the time to do it.

Lastly, I booked my tickets to Seattle for PAX Prime. After PAX South, I am pretty darn excited to get to check out PAX Prime this year. Should be a lot of fun and a great experience, as well as meeting up with our community, most of them for the first time!


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