Day 143-4: #WeHaveThreeStars

Yesterday was a whole lot of nothing, but man I still couldn’t remember to blog. Well it got late so I was watching Blacklist and then fell asleep. When I woke up I checked the time and went up to the proper location to sleep and did so.

The day, Independence Day, was primed for gaming. All day practically. I played Thomas was Alone for a good couple hours and got 500+ GS in it. I got a bit bored of it so I switched to something better, Farming Simulator 15. When I wasn’t setting up harvesters, seeders, and finally took a stab at baling, I had a pickup on cruise control going in circles in a parking lot which gave me my only achievement in Farming Simulator for the day, drive 100 miles.

As it got darker, the sounds of fireworks got louder and louder. I went outside for a moment to see what I could see, saw a few fireworks off in the distance, but the stuff in the neighborhood I couldn’t really see at all, just hear it.

Ending the talk about the 4th, just want to say thanks to those that serve our great country and keep us safe both at home and abroad. You guys/gals are the best! Thank you so much for your sacrifice!

Sunday, after the normal routine, I went to the golf course and hit some balls, chipped, putted and then went home to play some video games. I got another 5 chapters done in Thomas was Alone what I thought was the end of the game since you know, the credits were rolling and I had collected all the achievement boxes. Soo, I guess the game isn’t over. I still got 2 more chapters by the looks of it… Lame…. Guess I’ll finish that off tomorrow.

Then was the game. The US Women’s National Team game vs. Japan. A rematch of the 2011 World Cup where the US lost in PKs. Was it to be the same story again? Was there revenge for the US? Well within 6 minutes, Carli Lloyd had two goals and the US was off to an absolute stellar start. Then this happened.

The game ended 5-2, with the US winning the World Cup for a 3rd time! Great game and so glad our women could take care of business and get that third star!

Only one day of rest until the men are at it and they start a tournament of their own, the Gold Cup. I will be there in Frisco cheering them on with my fellow American Outlaws as the US open up group play against Honduras. Looking forward to seeing all the big players out there on Tuesday!

That is it for me.


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