Day 140-2: Deal?

The last few days have been interesting. A late night out with friends, a day mostly in bed thanks to food poisoning, and then Friday, today, a day off for recovery and gaming.

I got 1,000+ GS today, thanks to Monopoly Deal. The game is pretty cheap, only 4.99 regular price on both the 360 and One. Takes about 2-3 hours to complete but you need a friend over Xbox Live to boost all the achievements with. Cue BlueThunder7398 and his PM on TA a few days ago asking if I still needed a boosting partner for the game.

The game is pretty boring, but quick, and I’ll do about anything for a fast 1k GS. It isn’t played like a normal Monopoly, it is quite different, but you’ll pick it up eventually, after the first game and be able to chain some of these achievements together. If you have a friend that will pick this game up, I would recommend it. Pretty mindless 1k.

After that I popped in farming simulator for a little bit and drove around on my tractor trying to work towards that 100 mile achievement. Doubt I put much of a dint into it as I kept walking away and coming back to my tractor not moving because it ran into a house or a tree.

The rest of the day was laying around watching a new TV show for me, Blacklist, and playing World at Arms. I think I got an achievement today for attacking 300 players, but that doesn’t mean I am done attack people. Its the best way to gain coin, and I also have to attack 1000, so 700 more to go….

That is it for me.


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  1. wtbuffs87
    July 4, 2015 at 5:09 am

    Blacklist is a great show..

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