Day 139: #USWNT

Wow what a game am I right? For those of you that watched the US Women’s soccer team play today you had a treat. Both teams played really hard and obviously the better team won 2-0 as the #USWNT beat Germany in the semifinals of the World Cup. On to the finals! Can’t wait for Sunday.

I wasn’t able to get much done thanks to soccer right after work, so I popped in Farming Simulator and set up my controller to constantly drive in circles. I need to figure out why the tractor is drifting ever so slightly, so for next time I’ll try and get that taken care of. I only got about probably a few miles out of the time I just let the game drive itself, as the two times I checked into it the tractor was stuck on something.

World at Arms is still a thing, and man I guessed I asked for it yesterday. I have been getting absolutely hammered by people attacking me its unreal. Seems like every time I turn around I get attacked a few times. Which is great because there is an achievement for revenge, but I can’t seem to build and sustain an army to compete on a consistent basis. Need another day or so to regroup my army and ill be able to take a nice chunk out of some of these achievements.

That is all I got. Enjoy!


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