Day 134-8: Morale Victory?

Is there such a thing as a morale victory? If you didn’t think so, you would probably claim a loss is a loss is a loss. If you did think so, you’d probably say something like yeah its a loss, but if you lost by 1 run thats better than losing by 10, or if you played well and hung in there with a tough team, you would consider that progress or improvement. Well thats what happened in kickball today. We had our third game of the season and lost yet again, that brings us to 0-3-0 on the season. The first game was frustrating, the second game was down right ugly, but the third game we hung in it. We ended up losing 5-2, but we were in it the whole game. There were a few key plays where we made mistakes on and that really just killed us.We had bases loaded once where we got a strikeout (should be impossible to do in kickball) and that turned the inning on us. Popfly and we were done. I played alright, recorded a few outs got on base once out of three attempts. Mostly because I was trying to play smart ball, the first time it was 2 outs so I had no choice but to try and wail at it as the bases were loaded, the second time no one was on base so I bunted it and got the first no problem. The third time there was a guy at second, should have bunted it but the guy made a good grab on the fly. So practice is on Wednesday, we will see how that goes. Hopefully we can turn this season around.

As for gaming this whole weekend and into today has been about one game World at Arms. I got a few achievements in it over the weekend so that was pretty nice. Nothing to report today, but I am close to a few I am pretty sure. The production ones (infantry/vehicles/powerups) should be all real close. The only one I am worried about at the moment is the revenge attacks. Not very many people attack me. So I guess I need to suck more? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter if I loose or win, I still get credit towards the achievement which is nice.Still not going to be as grindy as Age of Empires is.

That is pretty much it.


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