Day 131-2: Sucked In

I didn’t have to wait long to find a suitable replacement phone game for me after I completed Age of Empires: Castle Siege. I found it very quickly with World at Arms. In fact, while it is similar to Age of Empires: Castle Siege, it is actually higher maintenance than AoE which is a bad thing as I can’t seem to put it down. I think at least for the time being I have found a way to limit my interaction with the game by getting rid of all the things that generate an in-sequential amount of money per every minute, replacing it them with higher yielding, smaller, and longer yielding options. I’ve been playing the game for a solid few days now and finally got two more achievements after my initial lot. I don’t think this game will take near as long as AoE to complete, and I am actually well on my way to doing so. There is really only one achievement I was worried about which was build 100 defensive structures. All of the defensive structures cost valor or medals or whatever you want to call them instead of coin. Medals are only given by completing quests as sometimes random drops, so you dont get a lot of them. The cheapest defense is 5 medals which is a lot actually. Currently Id only be able to buy ~15 ish and I need 100? Well thanks to griffey95’s solution I wont have to buy one of them, I can just cancel the item before I place it and still get credit for it. Genius. Everything else will just be a grind. Im enjoying playing it right now so I think most of the stuff will just come in time.

After a no-show on the Xbox on Tuesday, I felt that I owed it to myself and my Xbox to at least get something done in Farming Simulator. I decided to get the ball rolling on sowing seeds, so I bought a ton of tractors and seeders and just went out to different fields bought them and set them up to go. The best part about this game is I can hire workers to do all this for me, just have to set them up and off they go. With three fields getting seeds put on them, the 10 hectare achievement came in no time. While that was happening I decided to look into how to “plant” a tree. You can buy one and place it wherever, but that doesn’t count evidently. So after looking on TA for a solution, and then browsing through the shop to find what I needed I went and planted 2 pallets or 20 trees worth in a random field. I purposely stopped at 40 as there is an achievement for 50 that I can easily unlock it tomorrow for what reason? I don’t know I guess to keep a streak going, but I think today is the first day of that… Not like it makes any difference.

So thats pretty much it. Tuesday I missed blogging because after getting off the golf course I just fell asleep, it was bad, so tired.


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