Day 130: Kickball Woes

Today was a full day after work. I got home worked out, made dinner while working out, and then had a kickball game.

The second of season 2 and we picked up right where we ended in season 1, an absolute blowout. The wheels came off around the 5th inning and man we bled out so hard. It was hard to stay focused when we made so many mistakes on the field, and there was nothing I could do about it. I played well, but that doesn’t matter when you lose 11-1.

Got home and cleaned up from dinner and thats about all she wrote. I reorganized my base in Age of Empires in hopes of protecting my crowns that aren’t worth anything to me. I also played World at Arms quite a bit. No achievements today, I am hopeful tomorrow Ill get a chance to play some Farming Simulator. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be playing golf tomorrow, but afterwords I should have some time to game.


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