Day 129: Out

Today can be summed up in one word… Out. I spent most of the day not home as I did my normal Sunday routine and met up with some friends and hung out around town at different places the whole day. So I didn’t really get a chance to play any Xbox. By the time I got home and ate, it was time to write this blog and go to bed.

I did play World at Arms and leveled up at least once, but  no achievements to boast about. It is going to be a crazy grind to the 200, it is hard to believe that it won’t take longer than Age of Empires, but three months is a long time.

That is it. Enjoy!

  1 comment for “Day 129: Out

  1. griffey95
    June 22, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    This was a lot quicker for me. there are plenty of tricks to finishing the game and I did put out a guide or 2 for some of the achievements. Should be pretty simple IMO. I never went across the bridge for the underwater junk. Took me about 10 days to finish (very good to do while grinding or while watching netflix, especially once you have a hang of the game).

    Honestly I can’t believe so little people have completed the game. If I would’ve played it more often I could have had a top 10 finish on it.

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