Day 127-8: Legit Farmer

I have to say, I’ve already ascended to legendary farmer ranks in Farming Simulator 15. Currently I am earning about 50k an hour, which is about 50k a minute which quickly equals a lot of money.

I don’t have the 10mil achievement which is my only money achievement left. Once I get that achievement, which it is only a matter of time, I need to actually play the game and work¬†towards other stuff.

I knocked out a few easy achievements today since I had money, I bought all the different trees, chopped them down for an achievement, bought 51 cow and 51 sheep for another achievement. Got the 5 mill for an achievement. I should get the 10 mil achievement tomorrow and maybe another one for chopping down 100 trees. It will take awhile for the rest of the achievements to pop, at least I think they will.

Been playing World at Arms a bit, trying to get enough money and land to buy more room to put down more buildings. Pretty fun so far, a little higher maintenance than Age of Empires Castle Siege, at least right now. It looks like in the near term its going to be high maintenance, but I’m starting to build things that have an hour cool down so that is getting closing to what I am used to.

Pretty much it for the last two days, pretty boring when it comes to gaming.,


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  1. griffey95
    June 22, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    I think I will drudge through this with your “glowing” review on the show. I am fine with letting it sit while I watch Netflix.

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