Day 126: Expert Lumberjack

I dont want to jinx it, but it really feels that I have returned to form when it comes to gamerscore, albeit probably temporarily as the weather has prevented me from doing a lot of the things I do during the week, but I have been doing well over the past few days.

As projected yesterday, today was the final day I needed for Age of Empires Castle Siege. Yep, I completed it. Go me. This game is a HUGE time sink, but its not the type of game that will keep you engaged for 5 hours straight. Collect resources, battle, train your done in 6 minutes max. Took me a few months to get all the achievements, one of the completions I am proud of for sure.

Got home and played some Trivial Pursuit. Accidentally selected a 3 rounder so I played that and won and got my 25 wins achievement, even though the game claimed I had 28 at the time. I needed 3 more 5 rounders to get enough titles (30) to unlock the last achievement giving me my second completion of the day, and 240 GS.

Finally, after 16 days of waiting, I got Farming Simulator 15. I am kinda familiar with the list, so I went straight for the negative after day one achievement which I knew enough about the game from 14 that I got that no problem. Then I loaded up an easy game and got to work. Evidently the easiest way to make money is to plant, cut, and sell trees. The good news is that there are a few achievements tied to planting and chopping down trees, so this aligned perfected. I followed the video and it started out pretty rough, I wasn’t really used to the controls of the tractor and it took me awhile to get the procedure down. Once I got it going however, it was great. In Farming Simulator 14 I got enough money to get some solar panels and left the game running long enough to get a wind turbine, etc, etc. I generated some serious cash for doing nothing, and was able to buy the best equipment to make other achievements easier. So I tried to do that as well, but I bought some greenhouses first. Which were just a waste of money. So I sold those and it set me back awhile, finally got a solar panel, then a second. Now I’m just going to let the game sit there and generate money for me as I sleep, the best thing for an achievement hound like myself gaining progress in games while sleeping.

So I ended today with a 100 + 240 + 30 = 370 point haul which ain’t half bad. I doubt ill get any achievements while I am sleeping, but ill have a good base to get some more Farming Simulator 15 achievements tomorrow.


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