Day 125: Pursuit of Progress

I have to say, the weather in Texas right now, well just Austin maybe has been super weird. Tropical Storm Bill roared like a lion, but ended up being a house cat. It claimed it was going to just rain and rain and rain but it really didn’t start raining until 11 pm. Which is pretty lame. Same thing goes for today, it just looks like its seconds away from pouring down rain, but the rain mysteriously never comes.. It maybe drizzled just a bit, but nothing serious. Enough clouds and predictions to scare me away from doing lawn work.

After working out I jumped on the Xbox and played two rounds of Trivial Pursuit. My goal was to get one of the two titles that had to do with “Blitz” modes which can only be obtainable when you have multiple controllers plugged in. They also need to be signed into a profile at the start of the game, and you can’t do a guest which is lame. So I had to set up moroniccow2 on my xbox one.

I got two blitz modes, close call and grab bag, but was only able to perfect close call. I don’t even think I got the title that one gets for perfecting close call blitz which is lame. I only need one more win for the other achievement that I need, so tomorrow I plan on playing a 5 rounder trying to get to 30 titles, and at the end of the game I will at least unlock one achievement. I need about 4 titles more I think, so it looks like ill be playing a few more games after my 25 wins to get the 1k.

Age of Empires Castle Siege is close to being in the bag. I figure now its about time to start knocking out these historical campaigns. You see, its pretty tough to do these on the phone, but I am trying my hardest anyways. I have one done, and that took me forever, I played the second one a few times and got pretty close but I think I am missing one piece of the puzzle. So I’m going to look at a youtube video to see what the strat is and go from there. My last upgrade (from my research online the achievement unlocks at level 4) is due in about a day, I have enough coins to unlock it a few hours early, but that is about it. Hopefully I will have the game completed on the phone tomorrow. How exciting will that be?

That is it for me. Enjoy!

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