Day 124: Where’s The Rain?

About half way through the day, it started raining, and raining, and raining. Tropical Storm Bill’s first parts were being seen in Austin. I was in North Central Austin at the time for lunch as the parking lot started to flood. I told everyone we needed to leave and got back to the office just in time to be told to go home and work from home the rest of the day. Supposedly Tropical Storm Bill was going to hit Austin at 4 pm. Well, that ended up not happening.

It really hasn’t rained all that much since around noon, but I hear it starting to pick up now, or at least the wind. So, hopefully we actually get some rain out of this and it wasn’t all for naught.

So after work I focused on Trivial Pursuit and got wow, like 15 games in I think. Some maddening number. I don’t think I really got up from my chair for a good couple hours, just grinding away at questions and games. I took a huge chunk out of Trivial Pursuit with only 2 achievements left in that stupid game. I was able to put up 450GS today which is a great total for me as of late. The takeaway from today though is that I never really felt disinterested with grinding as I have in the past. Like, this is just plain boring looking up answers and answering questions, but I was able to power through it and really didn’t think about how much this sucks. So that is pretty big for me.

I am hoping Farming Simulator shows up soon, I have at least one more session’s worth out of Trivial Pursuit before it get completed, so if Farming Simulator shows up tomorrow, I’ll need to switch gears.

Age of Empires Castle Siege is winding down folks! The last unit is being upgraded as we speak and then after that is done I will get my achievement for upgrading all the unique units to level 4 all i’ll need to do is win 3 historical battles which I have one done. Once that happens, boot it up on the Windows 8 and see all that hardwork pay off… Again.


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