Day 123: Gamers Rejoice

Well, wooooowwww. What a day we had today didn’t we? Whether your a PS gamer (so sorry), a Nintendo gamer (just jump ship already), or an Xbox gamer (*high five*) you had to walk away from today at least moderately excited for the industry and your platform of choice. Since I’m all in on Xbox, I had to watch first hand what Microsoft had in-store and all I have to say is… wow.

For E3 Day 0, I was live tweeting the MS presser and the EA presser. I missed a lot of the Ubisoft one and was working out during the Sony press conference, so I caught bits and pieces. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I think MS won E3 this year on Day 0 alone. There are still things we will glean when the show floor opens up tomorrow. I imagine the best announcements of E3 came out today for all parties, so lets break down the MS presser.

Ill sum up the press conference this way.

The Good

    • yes thats right. 360 games on the One, right now. Here is the list for now, but there is no reason why EVERY game will be on the One soon.
    • According to @StophJ you pop the 360 game into your One and it automatically starts downloading. You have to keep the disc in the system, which makes sense, and you can use cloud saves, which is upper bounded by 512 MB. So not a bad way to put a couple of game saves up there no big deal.
  • Forza 6
    • No surprise. Always an appearance during E3, always solid.
  • Fallout 4 comes with Fallout 3 for the One
    • thanks?
  • ID@Xbox
    • ALOT OF GAMES HERE. But I think the best is Cuphead. Xbox exclusive and it looks plain cool. Go check it out if you missed.
  • Rare Collection
    • 30 games for $30 dollars
    • 10,000 GAMERSCORE
      • Is it wrong to be disappointed that it isn’t 30,000 gamerscore? Yes? Ok fine.
  • Hololens Demo
    • I’ll need to rewatch this part, but evidently this was face melting people. My stream was having problems.
  • Gears of War Ultimate Edition
    • The latest of the HD remakes for this gen. Almost didn’t make “The Good” because… meh.

The Meh

  • Xbox Elite Controller
    • So you want a pretty badass controller with optional paddle shifters, rapid fire triggers, and a few other optional switches? Cool, well that will be $150. Yes Please.
      • Wait, did you just say $150 dollars? Wow…. Pass
  • Gears 4
    • Obviously this is a big announcement, but Holiday 2016. Lame. We will be seeing this game again next E3, and to close with that is kind of lame. The cool thing is they showed actual gameplay, I assumed we would see it before E3 2016.
  • Dark Souls 3
    • For some people this would be up there with “The Good”, but I haven’t played a Dark Souls yet, so Meh rating for me.
  • Xbox Game Preview
    • Things in Alpha, Beta, released w/e you’ll be able to try before you buy. Why meh? Because Steam has this feature and everyone hates it. Mostly because there is a paywall for the alpha/beta access, which I think won’t be there for the One, but none the less, no achievements, zzzzzZZZZzzzz.

There were a few more things, Gigantic, Recore, Division, and PvZ GW2 that were just kinda cool, but not really meh, or good. Divison is obviously a good idea, but I just want to get my hands on it. Turns out, in December ill get to try it, exclusive to the Xbox One.

Then it was EA, Ubisoft, and Sony. I won’t break down the conferences as I did with the MS, but I can say that

EA got me interested in Battlefront by showing some pretty impressive gameplay. Obviously FIFA is great, but I didn’t need to see Pele. Ubisoft has three games I’m interested in, all Tom Clancy Division, Vegas, and Wild Lands. Wild Lands we wont see till 2017 probably, Division mid-2016, and Vegas might actually release on-time.

After all this gaming stuff, I played kickball today, and we lost 2-0. A new season, a few new members, and our defense was pretty good, we just couldn’t score runs. Not a bad start to the season though all things considered.

Didn’t get a chance to pop anything in today. I should be in bed by now, going into work an hour early in hopes of playing golf, but the weather might have different plans.

So I’m interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on E3. Who won E3 Day 0? What are you most looking forward to? The Good? The Meh? Let me know in the comments below.

Onto E3 Day 1!


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  1. June 23, 2015 at 12:01 am

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Xbox E3 announcements. You’re welcome 😉 Looking forward to listen to the conversation about E3 on the podcast (soon?)

    I agree with your comments above except I would put gears 4 in the Meh category. I expect the next gameplay demo they show will be *MUCH* stronger but I was disappointed with the lame closing too. Other than that I predict you will actually buy your Elite controller this year once you see it in action, it’s sweeeeet.

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