Day 117: Distractions

There are some many “distractions” now a days for me that I can’t seem to just find a day to come home from work and play video games until bed.

Today’s distraction was golf. I had gotten some clubs from my parents as I think it would be a good idea for me to start trying to play golf again. I played in high school a bit, but never really pursued it that much. Its such a relaxing sport, assuming you can keep the ball in play somewhat and I know enough people that play, it would be quite fun.

After going to the driving range and absolutely ripping up my hands, ordering a glove and some medical tape after the completion of this blog post, I got home ate and had time to play one game of trivial pursuit. This game didn’t go so hot, maybe because I was partially distracted, or tired, or whatever, but I answered a question wrong or ran out of time and really lost interest in the game after that. So no achievements for me today, and I didn’t even check the mail to see if Farming Simulator 15 came in the mail. Maybe it did? I don’t know.

All I can claim today is some sort of progress. Age of Empires is still “progressing” as well as Trivial Pursuit, so I guess today isn’t a complete loss. Would have liked to get some gamerscore in today, but I’m tired and the bed calls.


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