Day 116: Live!

After getting home, prepping for my workout while trying to find a stream of the USWNT group stage game one. After working out and watching the first half of the game, I ran to the local sports store to pick up some golf supplies, yes, I play golf. Well, I did, but I’m interested in getting back into it. I’ll be going to the range tomorrow for the first time in awhile, even if you count Top Golf, its been over a half of a year. I needed some golf shoes, tees, and a divot repair tool.

When I got home it was Xbox time, and I didn’t get Farming Simulator 15 in the mail, so I audibled to Trivial Pursuit Live! I’ve been around the block when it comes to these types of games, especially Trivial Pursuit. ┬áSo I looked at the achievements and loaded up a game with 4 human controlled players on one controller and started. The nice thing is the game lets you pause and gives you prompts to “give the controller to person x”. So you have plenty of time to look up the answer(s) to the questions they ask. I completed/won one 5 round game with 4 human players and on the way got two more achievements. Looks as though I got 205/1000 in one game, and most of them are cumulative achievements.

Once I get Farming Simulator 15 ill be switching over to that, there is a good chance I won’t get it in tomorrow either, so we might see another Trivial Pursuit game or two tomorrow.

Watching the Ags play in extra innings in the Super Regionals for NCAA Baseball. Bottom of the 10th, two men on 2 outs, Ags need to close this inning out and get another chance up at bat. Unless this gets crazy, I’ll probably stay up and watch this game. Gig’em!

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