Day 112-115: Pleasantly Surprised

Its been awhile internet, and if you follow my blog regularly, it won’t really be surprised that I took Friday and Saturday off from writing a blog. I write to you now, on Sunday, with a recap of the weekend that was.

Friday got off work, hung out with some friends until basically 1 am Saturday morning. Really didn’t get much done on the Xbox that day… at all. Not really much else to report there.

Saturday I got up and waited around for Sandman to get on to record a show. That didn’t happen, so I went about my day running errands before the Champions League Final (Barcelona vs. Juventus). It was a great match that I was fully decked out in Barcelona gear for (socks, shorts, and jersey all home kit). We then had a quasi FIFA tournament in which I guess I won? I was 2-0, FCB vs. FCB (Bayern) 4-2 Barcelona (Me) and 2-1 USMNT vs. FCB (Bayern), I think it should go without saying that game was one sided. I got home, took a small nap, went to the store to get a few things for cookies and stuff tomorrow (Sunday) and went to a party one of my co-workers/friend was having. Hung out there for about 2 hours and then went home and went to sleep. If you count FIFA on someone else’s Xbox, I played games Saturday, if you don’t well I didn’t.

Sunday the normal thing in the morning happened (church) then ran some errands. Got home and had some time before I had to start making stuff for a pool party I was going to, so I played some Unmechcanical. I was pretty bent out of shape from running out of coal pieces for that achievement, so I tried to get the Loopist, doing 4 loopty loops in a row which was harder than I expected. I got one of those big bars that was right near the area I was in and started trying to get just one. It took me awhile but I figured out the strategy on how to get them going successfully, and about 15 minutes total and the achievement popped.

I felt by this point I could speed run the game to the point where I needed the last achievement for throwing a piece of coal in the furnace without hitting anything and being X feet far away. So I did, I new gamed it, and got to that point. Second try, bloop, achievement unlocked. Unmechanical is now completed, whew. Uninstall.

I am hoping Gamefly will come through for me tomorrow and get Farming Simulator 15 to me. Its been a few days since they mailed it out, so I am assuming it will be here tomorrow. We shall see, if not, Ill have to find a game to tide me over one or so more days before it arrives.

Age of Empires Castle Siege is still going, thanks for asking. I am getting less and less attacks per day in for some reason, I guess I am just forgetting a lot, which has slowed down the ability to collect wood and thus keep the specialized units upgrades flowing. I am a little worried because it looks like I can upgrade these troops at least one more time, but have to be Age 9 and upgrade my building again. So that would just be ridiculous if that were the case. I am hoping that I can get these level 4s knocked out and call it good.

That is it for today.


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