Day 111: No More Movement

Yesterday was leg day, today is superior soreness. When I got up today I knew what type of day it was going to be from the soreness that resonated from my legs as I got up and walked around getting ready for work. It was not going to be fun.

Work came and went and I went to go gear up for soccer. Yes, I decided to play soccer even though my legs wanted to do nothing but not move.

I didn’t play all that well, not because of my legs, I really didn’t notice them till after the game how MUCH MORE sore they were now, just haven’t played in a week or so, and my already bad first touch was even worse. I had some alright moves, but disappointing as a whole.

I had to move some stuff from my old apartment, the last of the runs, as our apartment is gone as of tomorrow. So I grabbed that stuff, a small load, and came back to the house to unload.

By that time it was 10 o clock, and I was just ready to lay in bed and get some Hounds work done. I did that, and now its time for bed. Other than age of empires castle siege, the favorite, I don’t have much at all to report.


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