Day 109-110: Something Is Better Than Nothing

Man, what a last two days. Yesterday was pretty crazy. My brother graduated HS, and his ceremony is on a Tuesday for some unknown reason. So I took a half day and drove to Dallas (about 3-4 hours depending on traffic, mostly because of construction) and got there in around 3 and a half hours. Would have been quicker, but construction. From then on it was just one thing after another. I didn’t end up getting home till like 10:45 and I pretty much went straight to bed.

Upon waking up in the morning, I got breakfast and then high tailed it back to Austin to catch the other side of the work day. I got in about when I thought I was going to, got lunch and went to work. After work I worked out, it was leg day today, my legs hate me right now. As if that wasn’t enough, I got home, and turned right back around and played some tennis for about a hour. I couldn’t move as well as I normally do, but it was still nice to get out there and hit. Tomorrow will be interesting as that is my soccer day. I’m gunna make an effort to play tomorrow, doubt it will turn out well.

Now after tennis I got home and just felt like I had to fit some sort of gaming into my day before calling it a night. So I brought up Unmechanical and got to the part where I can get two of the three achievements I have left. I was able to get one of the two, after quite a few tries, I was able to balance that weird bucket on my head for 10 seconds. The other one, throwing coal into a furnace without hitting the sides and from a fair distance away, not so much. I got good at hitting the rim and bouncing in, which is no good, because after each coal piece it saves. Even though it didn’t say it was saving, it looks like it still did when I made the last coal piece in by hitting the rim. I quickly dashboarded when I saw what happened and when I came to it, I had made all of the coal pieces already. So if I wanted that achievement, I would have to play all the way back to this point and try it again. LAME.

Age of Empires still continues to be a thing. It seems like my attacking has gone way down, and with that so has my collection of resources. About an hour after I go to bed, another upgrade will have completed, but I am about 200k wood away from the next upgrade.. So I need to be attacking more so I can get more resources…

That is it for me. Enjoy!

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