Day 100: Unmechanical

Today is Memorial Day in the United States where we celebrate the lives of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and those that are currently serving to keep us safe and free. For those of you that are currently serving in the armed forces or have, Thank you!

The weather in Austin is absolutely nuts right now. Rain, Rain and more Rain. I got up and did some things around the house including worked out. Was able to get the last achievement I wanted from Hardline before it went back into the envelope which will be in the mail tomorrow. I was actually kinda surprised it gave me the achievement because I read that the restarting a checkpoint when you are spotted doesn’t always work. I’m glad in my case I finished the level anyways and got the achievement.

After hanging out with some friends and eating some good food, I got back, made dinner, and then started a new game, Unmechanical: Extended. Its basically a puzzle game where you control a little metal helicopter dude and you pick things up and move them around to solve different puzzles in the world. Its an interesting game, seems to be pretty short I believe. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a chapter select which is pretty lame, so the two achievements or so I have missed ill have to play through the whole game to get to that point. I’ll try not to miss anymore achievements, as there can’t be too much more to miss anyways. Its a pretty easy game so far, the only time I had to use a guide was for one puzzle, but the guide is there for the whole game if you want to just use it from the get go.

My goal is to have this one finished by Wednesday weather dependent. If it rains the next two days I might have it done sooner. Next up after that? I don’t know.

I think that is pretty much it anyways. I got to run and grab my roomate from the airport. His plane was delayed an hour and a half because of the weather. I am starting to crash as its about my bedtime anyways. Till tomorrow.


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