Day 87-89: Catch Up

Playing catch up with the blog again today. It has been a few days since I checked in. Of course I have been busy, but I made it a point tonight and sit down and write this. Here we go.

Wednesday I got off work and went to the store, then made dinner, and then went to trivia. It had been a while since I did a trivia night, and this was at a different venue than I am used to, so I wanted to check it out. You never know what type of personality you are going to get from the host (quizmaster). Some are good, some not so good. Unfortunately this quizmaster was not so good. He was pretty slow, that was the main knock I had against him, and he had trouble pronouncing a lot of things… which is kind of key to his job. What didn’t help his cause was a full bar most of which wasn’t playing trivia, so a few rounds I had to go up and listen to the clip because where we were sitting you couldn’t hear. So I got home pretty late after trivia, the good news was, we won so our tab wasn’t that bad. I skipped the blog and went straight to bed.

Thursday after work I tempted fate and the weather and tried to go out and play some soccer. It had been a week and a half since my last outing in soccer, and even that was cut short thanks to rain. We got the full session in and it was a lot of fun. Scored only one goal Thursday, but kept the streak alive. I always get really lazy after playing soccer, aka running 6 miles over 2 hours), so I had problems even playing a game on my Xbox, let a lone write a blog. Had to continue to pack as well with the pending move soon to come.

Friday was packing day. I had to get most of my stuff in boxes to throw on a truck tomorrow (Saturday) morning so I don’t have to make 400 small trips with my car to get everything moved over to the house. Moving sucks, but this is an upgrade overall (apartment to house), bigger, and cheaper. The perfect combo really, so I try to keep that in mind when I am lifting these heavy boxes. I think the heaviest box I have is the one where I shoved all my games in the box. So I am fairly proud of that. Another pro to digital only… No need to move game cases around. Its on a hard drive and thats easy to move….

Didn’t get much chance to play anything today, unless you count Age of Empires Castle Siege. 4 days at the max away from an achievement. I think that will be the next achievement I unlock, advance to age 8, I still have three more after that. 2 more historical battles, about 200 crowns, and a level for each unique troop away from completing the game. This is gunna be a few more weeks till I get that last achievement.. Fun times.

Tomorrow is the move, so dont’t expect much out of me. I see very little video games in my near future. The house also won’t have internet till Wednesday, so obviously will still be in the apartment playing games online, just not sleeping there… Pretty lame, but what are you going to do?….

That it. Enjoy!

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  1. Rick Nasty 1187
    May 16, 2015 at 8:52 am

    Congrats on the house. Once you get settled in, it will make all the hard work you did moving worth it.

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