Day 85: Go Away Rain

It rained pretty darn hard while I was at work today, giving me a free evening as kickball was canceled soon after. The afternoon/evening was clear skys, but the fields hold water quite well, so it wasn’t a surprise at all. So instead of playing kickball I got to playing video games.

Booted up Hardline and got two episodes done. It looks like if I keep my current pace up Ill have the singleplayer finished by tomorrow. Assuming the rain that is forecasted actually comes down. I hope that the forecast is wrong, but I highly doubt that. There are quite a few misc achievements to go after next, so that will be next up on the list. I am playing on “Cadet” difficulty, so I’ll need to play the game through on “Hardline” difficulty. I think it shouldn’t be too bad, but I don’t really know.

I could have probably completed the singleplayer tonight, but since I am moving this weekend, I needed to keep packing stuff up. So I conquered my desk/computer area and boxed up the wires associated with that area. Tomorrow I am going to get a bigger box and dump some clothes that I won’t need for this week (or this season…) and clear out some significant space in my closet.

That is pretty much it for today.


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