Day 80: Man Down

After I got home, a little late from work I might add, I played some State of Decay and managed to lose a survivor in the process, a playable one at that… Which is really lame, now I am actually down to one playable survivor, and he is injured. I got a few achievements in the game today, actually a good haul compared to what I have gotten in the near past….

About this time I switched to NBA Live 15 for game 4 of the first round of the NBA playoffs. I got to about the end of the third in which I was called by a buddy to hang out, so I ended it there in hopes I would have the ability to pick up where I left off as I was really killin’ it. When I got back the game didn’t stay where I left off, and after a quick sim, I lost the game so I quit out of the game and ill pick up on game 4 from the beginning some other time.

This is my last night of “no pain” for a few nights at least from what I hear. I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, so I am going to be out of it for the significant future. If I can blog I will, but if I go a few days without, you know why..


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