Day 79: Losing Influence

Tuesday is soccer day, so after work I got ready and went out to the fields to play some futbol. When I got there were enough people to start a game, but no cones to play. So when my buddy got there we got the game going.

We played for about an hour when rain kicked up and forced us to quit early. A little rain is whatever, play on, but the rain kept coming down harder and harder, so I called it quits.

When I got home I showered and ate and got to gaming.

State of Decay was in the cards today, and I got a good amount done. Almost the whole first area has been searched and even cleared out a few infestations. The problem is I think I need to progress farther in the story to keep this influence I am getting for bringing back resources. I got up to around 1000 before dropping quite a bit. I thought there was an achievement for that, but I guess I was wrong. At least I didn’t get anything. I ended up just randomly losing influence until it settled around 400. That is pretty lame… I mean 400 is still plenty of influence to get things out of the stash area, but it would be nice to get 100% gain. I did get one achievement, for getting to level 7 of one of the┬ásurvival skills: blunt weapons, 25GS, the only achievement I got today.

Age of Empires Castle Siege is still going…. Still getting played. No achievement to report for a long while, but I am still trying to work towards the big achievement, for upgrading all the unique civilization troops. Level 8 and crowns will come with time, I guess they all will, but man that unique troop achievement is pretty ridiculous.



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