Day 73-77: Live In The Fast Lane

Insert whatever song/life gets in the way song you want to for today’s blog. As Rick Nasty said, I was definitely slacking. Here is the recap.

Wednesday was game night, but this time it went wayyyyy too late. I didn’t get home till around midnight and wanted to do nothing else but go to bed.

Thursday was soccer and I ran myself into the ground. I had eaten some chips where the bag was already open, just a few because they were stale, and my stomach was giving me problems. I played anyways didn’t really feel anything until after. I had to force myself to eat. Didn’t want to do anything but go to bed once I started feeling a little better.

Friday, happy hour went a little long if you know what I mean. It was a good time with friends and didn’t get home till real late. Again, just went to bed.

Saturday I went downtown, then we brewed beer and played tennis. Didn’t get home till almost 11. I got home and fell asleep on my bed while watching some Netflix.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Pool party till around 9 and back to get ready for the workday tomorrow. What a busy last few days….

On the video game front I haven’t really played all that much obviously. I’ve played two games on the Xbox One, State of Decay and NBA Live 15 in the time I last checked in on here.

State of Decay I might be SOL. The only playable guy I have is hurt which makes things much more difficult as the other playable character you get at pretty much the start of the game got killed almost immediately when I ran into my first feral zombie… So I haven’t really played that much of that game because of that which is disappointing. I might restart just because of my position in the game, but I hate doing that.

NBA Live 15 I played 3 games today and won 2 of them. If you remember back a week or so ago I got into playoffs and now I gotta work on winning the championship. I got Golden State in the first round and lost my first game no matter what my guy did. The next two games were blowout in my favor. Luckily it is best of 7. If I do it right, I could get a few fat TA achievements at the end of the season as it looks like I am also the MVP frontrunner in my first season playing. Ballin’

For those of you that read my ramblings frequently and some of you daily, I thank you for checking in over here. I’ll do my best not to go dark this long again.

Also, I hope we can get AHP going again soon…

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