Day 71: Playoffs?

After work I got home and got to gaming. I only had dinner to make, and with kickball canceled, I could focus on gaming. For some reason I was lead to play NBA Live 15 and played it all night I did.

I was able to complete about 4 games, and now have my rising star in a great position to get the MVP award as well as potentially an NBA Championship on my first year. Hopefully I can pull this off, and with quits on my side, I don’t see why I can’t.

NBA Live 15 isn’t as bad as what people are saying, but the glitches/problems with the game are pretty bizarre. I had a few fouls today where they were “shooting fouls” but no one ever shot. The other weird foul I came across was I committed a foul and about 3 seconds later the guy shot and got the and 1, it was ridiculous. Not foul related, but there was a few shots against me where the guys would shoot behind the backboard and then nothing but net… Dumb.

That was pretty much it, no achievements to speak of, but soon, soon there will be some. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a State of Decay kind of day, after soccer of course.


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