Day 69-70: The Weekend

Didn’t end up blogging yesterday because I don’t know. I got home late, took a shower, and went to bed. Not much to really talk about on Saturday or today. Saturday I played Defense Grid 2 and GTA V. I got an achievement in each, or at least one in each. I think I got a few Defense Grid 2 achievements, but there really isn’t much more than that.

I have been battling some sort of cold, I don’t know why I keep getting sick, but every few weeks I come down with something. This time it was a sore throat and now a runny/stuffed up nose. I ended up going out today and hanging around outside for a good part of the day. I only played NBA Live 15 today on the Xbox One. Played one game and that was it for me, nothing else to report on that front.

Still working on Age of Empires, I have no idea when I am going to get done with this phone game, maybe a few more weeks?


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