Day 67-8: Slackin’

Yeah I know, I didn’t put out a blog yesterday. It really was thanks to soccer, I was lucky I got food and got into bed before just passing out. I ended up running around 7.05 miles in about 2 hours of play which is pretty mind blowing, thanks Microsoft Band. I got home, showered, ate, crashed. Luckily I played some Defense Grid 2 before soccer and was able to get an achievement to keep my “streak alive”.

Today was about the same really except physical activity wasn’t in the cards. Got off work, went to Happy Hour, hung out at a friends place. Got home, wasn’t ready to go to bed just yet, so I popped in Defense Grid 2 and played two levels until I got two achievements and called it good.

You know its bad to admit, but I still haven’t mailed back Spongebob Heropants… I don’t know why, just keep forgetting… I’ll try and get it in the mail for tomorrow.

Don’t have too much to add, freaking Age of Empires man, its just a freaking time sink… Still working on it…


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