Day 66: Defense Grid 2

When I got home, the weather was looking bad so I wasn’t planning on doing anything active today. I got pretty lazy and just started watching DareDevil. It didn’t help that DareDevil was getting good.

So I stopped watching and made some dinner, lettuce wraps was on the menu tonight and they were pretty good. I noticed it was clearing up a bit outside, so I decided after dinner was done to go take a quick run and come back and eat. I hadn’t ran in a long time… I decided to keep a nice pace to see how fast I could complete a mile without completely gassing myself… Turns out I’m still not in the shape I would like to be, at least not yet. I clocked a mile at 7:57 which was pretty good for me, but I was done after that. When I got back home I had to just sit there for a little bit to recover before doing anything. Gotta start somewhere I guess. It is a good warm up for soccer tomorrow.

I didn’t really know what to play. I just knew I needed to play something. I wish State of Decay came out today, but it didn’t so I had to find something else. I eventually landed on Defense Grid 2. I played the first level, somehow got to the fastest speed first, lost 2 cores but completed the mission and let the achievements just pour in. This game has 65 achievements, yeah, thats a lot. I got 12 today, for 105 GS. Not a bad haul for 10 or so minutes of work. This will be one of those games that I slowly chip away at I think. It has a 1.8 TA ratio, so its doable, but not super fast.

I forgot to send Spongebob back this morning, will package it up after writing this blog and go from there. Battlefield Hardline should be next on GF.

That is it for today.


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