Day 65: Muster

April 21st has been and always will be Aggie Muster. I had to opportunity, now a graduated Aggie, to attend the Capital City Aggie Club Muster at Hyde Park Baptist Church. It is a time honored tradition to come together once a year to honor, celebrate, grieve those Aggies that have been taken away from us this year. It was a great service and I am glad I had the ability to attend.

After the service and dinner I got home for an abbreviated session of video gaming. Luckily I had myself queued up for two achievements, all I had to do was find the last page, and complete the level with squidward and two achievements for 100G were mine. I had one more, one for completing a level without taking any damage. I somehow got the achievement without really knowing. Somehow I got 50G an extra for completing level 10. So that puts me one achievement away from the completion and that is for fully leveling up all characters. The issue with that achievement is it requires quite a lot of grinding, probably replaying a level 30 times. Is it worth it? For a completion? For 50G? Idk, I fully expect to wake up tomorrow and put it into a GF envelope and sending it back, but it would be nice to get a completion, something I haven’t done in awhile.

I wish I could have gone running today to test out the GPS feature the Microsoft Band has to offer, but it is probably for the best as I am recovering from a sore throat which is just generally unpleasant.

Hopefully I am full strength, or close to full strength tomorrow, and if I don’t do trivia, I’ll probably go running.


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