Day 64: Game #5

After work I had limited time to play games so I didn’t waste any time. I jumped right on Spongebob Heropants and got my last golden collectible for the 50G achievement that it was worth. I was able to get a few more levels knocked out and I have one page left for another 10 point achievement. The nice thing is that is the same level where I need to be Squidward and “beat” the boss.

That was the story of my gaming today, only 50G. Then there was kickball.

The season has gone about what I expected maybe a little better. Going into Game 5 we are 1-2-1 (W-L-D). So 3 points in the table. For game 5 we played a 2-1-1 team so we had our work cut out for us. We only game up 1 run in the first inning, so if you have been following my recaps, that is actually pretty surprising. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any runs to match for a few innings, and we only had time to play 4 innings total. We ended up getting 2 runs late on for a 4-2 loss. There was one moment in the game which really could have swung in our favor. There is a rule that you can’t get hit in the head, and if you do, you are safe, and you might even get to take an extra base. Makes perfect sense. So one of our girls kicked the ball and was running to first and got pegged in the head. Like it was close, but the benefit of doubt should have been with the runner. She claims she got hit in the head, but the ump called her out saying the ball hit her neck not her head. That was a pretty crucial swing as we could have had bases loaded, and even though I got out at first on the next at bat, that could have driven in a run or at the very least gotten bases loaded again. So now its 4-3 and its anyones game. That was a big call. Other than that we played a pretty solid game on defense, I had two mistakes that could have gotten outs, one of them is a stretch of a mistake, would have had to been a great play, but we really didn’t have any blunder or major errors that cost us run. I’m sure the team we played had a few seasons under their belt. I think the improvements are there, so next season with some retooling, we could be somewhat decent. We only have one more game in this season, but the next season starts mid may.


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