Day 63: Cleaning Up

After the normal Sunday routine, I went to the store and then went out and tested what tracking capabilities the Microsoft Band had. I took a soccer ball out to a field and just kicked it around killing two birds with one stone. Ended up kicking the ball around for about 45 minutes, using trees as target practice. It was 91 degrees outside, the hottest it has been in awhile I think so that wasn’t ideal, but decided to stop right at the 3 mile mark, with some breaks of course in between for gatorade.

When I got back I showered and started playing Spongebob. It was cleanup time so I got a few low hanging fruit achievements knocked out first, there is at least one more pretty easy one, just have to replay the level 10 over again. The other one I just need to collect the last golden collectible and I have like 7 pages left I think, or around there. Should be able to knock this game out tomorrow, well all but one achievement. When I get the rest, I’ll see how much coins I need to collect to fully level up every character, spoiler alert, it will probably still be a lot….

I played a little bit of GTA 5 with NickHawkeye. I guess I need a bigger apartment to host heists, so I have to try and earn enough money to buy a bigger apartment, I assume something in the 220k range will work for hosting heists, atleast I hope so. I think I need about 60k more to afford one of those. So random jobs for me until that happens.


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