Day 62: Microsoft Band

I got up for football today, just like most Saturday mornings. Some how it wasn’t raining, so football should be in play. I got there and only one other person ended up being there. We waited for awhile for people to show up, but only a few more came. We didn’t have flags and didn’t have enough people, so we abandoned football and I went home.

After a shower I went to the Microsoft store and bought a Microsoft Band. Since I’ve started running quite a bit via sports like tennis, soccer, and football. I felt it was time to jump into the smart watch / fitness tracker world. Since I have a Windows Phone my options for smart watches are fairly limited. The Microsoft Band seemed to be well liked by people, and since I’m a Microsoft fanboy, it seemed like a perfect fit.

I got it home and set it up and charged it. Things seemed to be working ok, but for some reason the Band would only stay connected via Bluetooth when the Health app synced with the band. I was under the impression that it would always be synced with the band, but maybe I was wrong. So I tried out Cortana on the Band and it wasn’t working which was odd, the Bluetooth problem.

Since I downgraded my phone from Windows 10 to Windows Phone 8.1, I never signed up for the dev preview as I figured its best to stick with the stable releases. Well the Health app allows you to enroll in the preview program. So I figured it would potentially fix my problem if I did, and I never had any problems with the 8.1 preview program, so I did it.

A few updates later, I tested the bluetooth connectivity and it held this time, seems like everything is cleared up which is nice. It also added a few more apps to the band which I am eager to check out as I start getting email, texts, fb, twitter, ect. So far I am enjoying the band, but I haven’t really tested the exercise feature just yet. That will be tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday to see how it fairs.

Played some Spongebob Heropants today and finished the story. Got a few “easy” achievements I can get tomorrow, then collecting, and then starts the grinding. The sucky part about the grinding is that I thought there was not an achievement for fully upgrading every character. Well there is, and I just have to spend more time now grinding the coin to get everyone upgraded…

NBA Live 2015 was next and I got one game in. The game froze on me twice in two games, and on the second time I said forget it and went to Netflix.

That is it for me.


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