Day 61: It’s Friday

So, its Friday everyone, well its no longer Friday here, it is now Saturday, but its the end of the week and its time for two days off. After getting off work I immediately popped in Spongebob Heropants and went to work. I got 50G for beating the Squidward boss which was just running away from him which was pretty lame, not surprising though.

And that is pretty much it. I am going to go get another Microsoft product this weekend to add to my fanboydom. I think its time I give this market a shot.

This weekend is fairly action packed, all except for Sunday. Hopefully soon we can get another AHP episode out. Everyone seems to be busy, so we haven’t been able to sit down and record one. I am hoping the weather stays nice long enough to get the Saturday outside activities out of the way, and Sunday will be gaming day, ┬ábut it doesn’t seem like the weather is going to be all that great tomorrow (later today).

Still working on Age of Empires Castle Siege… Yeah….

That is about it, Spongebob is boring, enough said.


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